RGV Preferred  Health Care Inc. is pleased to make available an on-line directory of the providers in our network. The on-line directory is for your reference and includes all providers who participate in the RGV Preferred  Health Care Inc network.

RGV Preferred  Health Care Inc. makes every effort to maintain current and accurate provider data; however, periodic changes to a provider's status can occur. Please contact the Customer Service telephone number on the back of your ID card prior to receiving treatment to confirm the provider's participation in RGV Preferred  Health Care Inc.

Depending on your health plan, the provider you select may not be available due to plan restrictions. To verify your benefit eligibility information, contact your plan administrator at the number listed on the back of your ID card, or consult your employer's Human Resources Representative.

The participating providers listed in this directory are independent contractors and are not employees of RGV Preferred Health Care Inc. All health care decisions are strictly between the patient and the provider. RGV Preferred Health Care Inc. does not participate in the patient-provider relationship.